Sunset Studios



Maison Margiela Fragrance x
V Magazine


The Task

Maison Margiela debuted their Festival Collection in April and to launch this collection they partnered with V Magazine and Sunset Studios. The campaign included a paid social media campaign with three prominent bloggers, on-site integration with the Green Room Bungalow, organic gifting and relationship building with influencers that are the target customer of this fragrance and a diary of content by photographer Alana O’Herlihy.


The Solution

The paid media campaign with Rocky Barnes, Daniel Bernstein and Courtney Trop  was a huge success as the content was organic and connected with their audience at a high engagement. The brand gifted over 200 fragrances and built personal relationships for future partnerships/campaigns with the most sought after influencers. The diary was an exclusive up on V Magazine (5MM unique monthly impressions) - link here